LINANT 3D X Grant Cross - Interview

LINANT 3D X Grant Cross - Interview


My name is Grant Cross, from Bakersfield California, a self-taught artist. I always insist on learning new things, and believe that being creative is in my blood! In fact, my artistic talent runs in the family. My grandmother was an amazing artist. She often used watercolors, oil paints, and clay to paint landscapes, portraits, as well as animals, making them lifelike and vivid. I still remember going to her house as a small kid, sitting in her artistic chair, hanging out in her small art studio, and scribbling stuff at will, which was very happy!


Q: Where did your inspiration come from for this collaboration project? Can you share your creative process with us?

Grant: I was thinking of making an alien creature or something like that/ monster, then you guys mentioned a dragon! I had never really made one, so it caught my interest!!... And I searched for relevant images on Google, and was inspired by one image after another. Once I gathered that, I looked all of them over and over again. Then I just started to block the dragon in Zbrush, and found that it went through many changes along the way in the sculpting program I use. Just like all my stuff I start to engage in, things always change. For me, I don't like sticking to just one look, and I am more willing to change things till I see something different that stands out from the rest, trying to push myself, in a different direction, which however still works in the end.


Q: As one of the real users of the LINANT 3D printer, can you talk about the experience of using the printer since you purchased it?

Grant: The DECK 6K printer is amazing, and the Double Z-axis is brilliant, resulting in a smoother, and more steady print effect, no wonky layer shits, no vibration, or wonky lines, nothing but smooth sailing !!! The DECK printer is like a TANK CHUGGING AWAY!!!! Of all the printers I have, it is my favorite printer I’ve ever used and owned so far! With 6K resolution, I am able to obtain very sharp crisp details, almost as sharp as an 8K printer!!! Besides, its big size is also extremely attractive, so I highly recommend this printer!!!

Q:Who are your biggest artistic influencers? What motivates you to create?

Grant: Actually, I like lots of different artists, such as Simon Bisley, Frank Frazetta, H.R.Giger, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Chet Zarr, and Paul Kamoda, just to name a few. For the source of motivation, it’s just something inside of me, which has to be expressed with a feeling, that is, music, especially heavy metal music, so as to try to put self-attitude in my artwork.

Q:How 3D printing influences the art&design industry and how it affects you?

Grant: The 3D printing surely can make things quicker in a way, depending on what you print. However, the option of not sculpting with your hands losses some of that feeling you get by seeing something handmade. Aside from it being totally digital, you can still put your ideal style into a Zbrush sculpture to get that handmade look in a way. As for how I finish it, I won’t pay much attention. Indeed, I love sculpting digitally!! ... But sometimes I still work on traditional clay, not very often, just when I feel itchy!

Q: As an artist, do you have creative blocks and how you overcome with it?

Grant: I get artist block at times, as we all do! When that strikes, I’ll just take a break, to find something else to relax, such as seeing a movie, looking at art books, watching YouTube tutorials, listening to music, and scribbling!

Q: How do you develop your design and sculpt skills and any tips for people willing to start 3D sculpting?

Grant: It definitely took me a while to get the hang of Zbrush. My style just comes out naturally when I sculpt in Zbrush, as it might look working on traditional clay. My stuff has a certain look, and I just put that into the digital work I do. In terms of small tips for beginners using Zbrush, I suggest watching YouTube tutorials, which are useful for understanding sculpting knowledge. Most of the things I have learned are based on YouTube.

Q:Could you describe the experience of creating this collaboration project with LINANT3D?

Grant: This experience collaborating with Linant3D has been very enjoyable! They usually respond to my questions within a few hours, or the next day at the latest, which makes me very satisfied. The 4 pieces I created for them were all very interesting! I was surprised and delighted when they suggested drawing a dragon, and then that got my head thinking on making a dinosaur. During the process, there were many funny pieces to make, such as the Linantosaurus Rex skull, a fleshed out version, the Nom Nom version, and an insectoid alien bust. Eventually, I really appreciate this opportunity for the collaboration with you guys at Linant3D! Also, I extend my grateful thanks for your continuous attention to my work, and I would be very happy for having follow-up cooperation projects with you.